About Kyra

Worth knowing about the Kyra

The idea to build sailing yacht Kyra came about in the year 2000 after Michel Leinenbach decided he did not want a production boat, but to build his own ideal sailing yacht.

The design was developed with the help from the naval architects Newcruise Yachtdesign from Hamburg. The idea to build the cockpit as an integrated dinghy that could be sailed, grew from the experience that solid tenders are substantially more stable and safer than rubber dinghies. Also the wood burner stove designed by the owner guaranteed a warm cabin without relying on diesel or gas. This small handmade wood burner made from stainless steel turned out to be a highlight that with only 3 kg of charcoal can keep the cabin cosily warm for up to 10 hours.

The sailing yacht Kyra on course

The Aluminium hull was built by the Gdansk shipyard  WISLA Aluminium Ltd.  A shipyard that has for many years built speedboats for the Swedish Navy. The interior was fitted out expertly by  SL Yachts Gdansk who specialise in custom-made timber and stainless steel work.

All fittings, winches, electronics, autopilot, engine and much more are quality brand products from all around the world, which guarantees still many years of safe use. The Volvo engine has only had about 500 hours of use, so can be classed as in mint condition. The design leans towards the classic lines of the 1930’s, but at the same time fulfilling all modern sailing requirements. The draught (1,60m) enables the possibility to make river trips and the boat can be sailed just as safely single-handedly as with a small crew, as has often been proved. The sails were constructed for simple and stable handling which has been especially proved and tested on cruises alone or with a very small crew.

Her unbelievably stable sea handling has been displayed on many trips in the North and Baltic sea. There was never a moment to question Kyra, even during the strongest stresses and strains.

Inside the sailing yacht Kyra

Then after years of trips to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Latvia that had left behind wonderful impressions and memories, Kyra got in 2014 a new co-owner Walter Körner. Both owners decided  to relocate Kyra to Lake Constance for a few years. There she has spent only two short Summer seasons in the water and now because of personal reasons is up for sale. Kyra lies at the moment in a heated storage building on the German side of Lake Constance where she can be visited by prior appointment. She is in very good condition and was only sailed by her owners. Maintenance and upkeep of the hull has taken place at the end of every sailing season and Kyra is at any time ready to sail elegantly every sea in the world.

The new owner receives with our Kyra not only a fantastically good looking vessel with character, but also a sailing boat that longs to be back on the water to be able to prove her potential on future voyages.